William Erb laureate of the DCO-SCF 2021 “Jean Normant” Prize

William Erb is the laureate of “Jean Normant” 2021 prize awarded by the Organic Chemistry Division (DCO) of the French Chemical Society (SCF). This award distinguishes young Assistant Professors for the excellence of the research work accomplished in organic chemistry.

William Erb studied chemistry at the Université de Paris-Saclay before joining the team of Jieping Zhu at the Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles for his PhD. During three years, he developed routes towards lipiarmycin A3, a macrocyclic antibiotic, and optimized palladium-catalyzed reactions. During the next four years of post-doctoral studies, he worked in various laboratories on organocatalysis, total synthesis, boronic acids and cyclodextrins chemistry with Prof. Varinder Aggarwal (Bristol), Prof. Janine Cossy (Paris), Prof. Jacques Rouden (Caen) and Prof. Géraldine Gouhier (Rouen).

In 2015, he was appointed assistant professor at the Université de Rennes 1 in the Chimie Organique et Interfaces team in which he defended his habilitation in 2020. He works notably in collaboration with Prof. Florence Mongin on the use of bimetallic reagents and on copper-catalyzed reactions to reach biologically active products. He also leads researches dedicated to ferrocene chemistry for applications in catalysis or in medicinal chemistry. For that, he develops original methodologies and new families of ferrocenes substituted with unusual functional groups or with rare substitution patterns.

In 2021, he receives the Jean Normant prize of the the French Chemical Society (SCF) for his work in organic chemistry. He would like to thank the Organic Chemistry Division (DCO) committee, his co-workers, the COrInt team and the ISCR for their support.


Published May 25, 2021