Valorisation of synthons from biomass by homogeneous catalysis

Olefin Metathesis for biomass transformation

Keywords: Olefin metathesis, Ruthenium, Oleochemistry, Continuous Flow

The production of bio-based building blocks from renewable raw materials has become one of the major challenges of the 21st century due to the inescapable rarefaction of fossil resources. To address this concern, olefin metathesis represents an efficient catalytic tool to convert olefins from biomass into molecules of interest, while guaranteeing a very low carbon footprint. In this context, we developed various eco-efficient and highly selective Ruthenium-based catalytic processes (including pilot scale) enabling to transform non-refined fatty esters, wood wastes and terpenes into valuable molecules such as pheromones, fragrances, monomers for materials or precursors of plasticizers and lubricants. Continuous flow processes are also being studied to ensure a more eco-efficient and safer production.