Two members from ISCR present at the "week of sciences" in Querpon middle school last March 18, 2022

At this occasion, Tiphaine Wong and Laura Durand presented their experience and discussed with the students
Two members from ISCR present at the "week of sciences" in Querpon middle school last March 18, 2022

Tiphaine Wong (post-doctoral fellow) and Laura Durand (Engineer), COrInt team of the ISCR, were present at the Querpon middle school in Maure de Bretagne for the second edition of the “Week of Sciences”.

This event aimed to :

  • promote sciences among students and develop their appetite for these disciplines, especially among young girls
  • make the use of sciences concrete and accessible to students
  • encourage orientation projects in scientific studies.

Tiphaine and Laura report their experience:

“ At the Querpon middle school, we presented our professional career, focusing on our jobs at the ENSCR. We started with the presentation of the different undergraduate studies available to become a chemist (Preparatory class/Integrated preparatory class, BUT, License, Master and PhD studies). Those presentations aimed to show the variety of scholar paths to access chemistry’s jobs. We also talked about our internships and especially why we chose to work in science, and more precisely in chemistry. This has particularly interested the students as we showed that our jobs were accessible to all. We also described a typical day we would have in the lab, explaining that chemistry researches were based on some “preparation tasks” (design of protocol, literature researches), experiments set up and analysis of results. We here emphasized the importance of team works as a key role for good researches.

The last part of our presentations consisted in practical experiments. Four experiments have been carried out (the devil’s horns, the drop lift, the formation of alginate pearls and the dishwashing liquid with water to explain the air/water interface phenomenon). For some experiments, we invited students to perform it with us. We could here notice that as soon as the presentation became practical, their eyes were more sparkling and a regain of interest was noticed! As the experiments chosen could be linked to day-to-day products (for example, alginate pearls found in bubble tea or water and corn starch to explain no Newtonian force), they helped the students understand how chemistry impacts our daily life.

During that time, students especially asked questions about the difficulty to become a chemist and what we prefer in our current job. We hope that some chemist vocations have been lit up that day, especially after a young girl came at the end of our presentation asking more personal questions and our place as women in science. Nevertheless, it is sure that after our visit, they all realised how much chemistry surrounded our life!  “

Congratulations to them for their participation to this event!


  • Tiphaine Wong, ENSCR, ISCR - UMR 6226, F-35708 Rennes, France
    tiphaine [dot] wongatensc-rennes [dot] fr
  • Laura Durand, ENSCR, ISCR - UMR 6226, F-35708 Rennes, France
    laura [dot] durandatensc-rennes [dot] fr


Published March 30, 2022