Sébastien Chenu

Assistant Professor



Email : sebastien [dot] chenu [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Phone : 02 23 23 33 39

Office number : Building 10B, Room 252

Education and Professional Experience

- 2021-.... : Assistant professor - Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes (ISCR) - University of Rennes 1

- 2018 : HDR, accreditation to supervise PhD. students - University of Limoges

- 2014 - 2021 : Assistant professor - Institute of Research for Ceramics (IRCER) - Limoges

- 2010-2014 : Post-doctoral fellows: ISCR (Rennes), Zwanziger Lab (Halifax), CEMHTI (Orléans), ICMCB (Bordeaux)

- 2009 : PhD. in Chemistry - University of Rennes 1
"Synthesis of phosphate glasses by microwave heating. Elaboration of NZP glass-ceramics from glass reactive sintering."

- 2006 : Master 2 of Solid State Chemistry and Materials - University of Rennes 1

Current Themes of Research

Current research interests are focused on transparent materials for optical applications:

(i) Development of transparent glass-ceramics and ceramics via controlled crystallization of the parent glass

(ii) Elaboration of transparent ceramics by powder sintering


Material Chemistry at ESIR (Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Rennes)


Selected publications

1 - "First ZnGa2O4 Transparent Ceramics"
C. Mevel, J. Carreaud, G. Delaizir, J-R. Duclere, F. Brisset, J. Bourret, P. Carles, C. Genevois, M. Allix, S. Chenu
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 41 (2021) 9 p.4934-4941

2 - "A comprehensive study of the glass / translucent anti-glass / transparent ceramic structural ordering in the Bi2O3-Nb2O5-TeO2 system”
M. Dolhen, M. Allix, V. Sarou-Kanian, F. Fayon, C. Genevois, S. Chenu, P-E. Coulon, M. Colas, J. Cornette, J-R. Duclère, F. Brisset, O. Masson, P. Thomas, G. Delaizir
Acta Materialia 189 (2020) 1 p.73-84

3 - "New KNbTeO6 transparent tellurate ceramics”
M. Dolhen, J. Carreaud, G. Delaizir, J-R Duclère, M. Vandenhende, N. Tessier-Doyen, O. Tantot, D. Passerieux, P-E. Coulon, P. Thomas, M. Allix, S. Chenu
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 40 (2020) 12 p.4164-4170

4 - "Tuneable Nanostructuring of Highly Transparent Zinc Gallogermanate Glasses and Glass-Ceramics"
S. Chenu, E. Véron, C. Genevois, G. Matzen, T. Cardinal, A. Etienne, D. Massiot, M. Allix
Advanced Optical Materials 2 (2014) 4 p.364-372

5 - "Considerable improvement of long-persistent luminescence in germanium and tin substituted ZnGa2O4."
M. Allix, S. Chenu, T. Poumeyrol, E. Véron, S. Alahraché, E.A. Kouadri-boudjelthia, F. Porcher, F. Fayon
Chemistry of Materials 25 (2013) 9 p.1600-1606


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