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Pyrrolic Macrocycles and Bio-Inspired Processes

Dr B. Boitrel - Dr S. Le Gac

The laboratory is located on the Beaulieu campus site of the University of Rennes 1, France. It has been existing since 2001 and is now composed of two permanent CNRS researchers. Our research activity is focused on the development of multifunctional chelates, mostly based on a porphyrin skeleton, for either fundamental understanding of biological processes in line with oxygen activation, but also for applications in cancer therapy and catalysis. Our interests thus encompass the fields of organic synthesis, coordination chemistry and life science.

Dioxygen activation and transport

By using a biomimetic approach, our goal is to understand the active site of metalloproteins and particularly the key structural features required to obtain a specific activity such as, for (...)

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Enantioselective oxydation catalysis

Our third research topic consists in the elaboration of new chiral superstructures aiming at a better comprehension of enantiomeric processes, whether catalytic or not. Such processes are (...)

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Molecular Design

The design of new porphyrin based chelates, with precised positioning of ligands around the core of the macrocycle, to achieve high level of control on the metal binding geometry and thus (...)

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New Chelates for alpha-radiotherapy

We are also concerned with the development of new therapeutic agents, and particularly molecules active against circulating cancers. For this, we have investigated the possibility of chelating a (...)

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