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Phosphorus & Molecular Materials group

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The research activities of the PMM group are oriented toward the synthesis of molecular, supramolecular or polymeric π-conjugated systems featuring specific physico-chemical properties (absorption, luminescence, chiroptical properties...). Their main applications are in the field of opto-electronic. The originality of our approach consists in using the chemistry of organophosphorus/helicenes associated with organometallic/coordination chemistry to prepare unprecedented molecules..

Permanent members

Students / Post-Docs

  • Dr Matthew Duffy
  • Jiang Kun Ou-yang
  • Anabella Mocanu
  • Kaïs Dhbaibi (co-tutelle Université de Gabes, Tunisia)
  • Reka Mokrai (co-tutelle, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)
  • Thomas Delouche
  • Jonas Hoffmann (Co-tutelle, Kiev University)
  • Etienne Gauthier