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Phosphorus & Molecular Materials

Phosphorus & Molecular Materials group

The research activities of the PMM group are oriented toward the synthesis of molecular, supramolecular or polymeric π-conjugated systems featuring specific physico-chemical properties (...)

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Chirality/chiroptical properties

J. Crassous - L. Favereau - T. Reynaldo
1 - Synthesis and coordination of phosphorated heterohelicenes; impact of the metal on the chiroptical properties
In our group, we are currently (...)

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Organosphosphorus π-conjugated systems

M. Hissler - P.-A. Bouit - T. Reynaldo
1- Organosphosphorus π-conjugated oligomers and polymers
We develop phospholes (1) as building block for π-system engineering. The weak aromaticity of (...)

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