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MEP 2018 - Molecular Electronics and Photonics

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MEP 2018 - Molecular Electronics and Photonics

July 10-13, 2018 - Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes

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This symposium will bring together internationally recognized speakers in the field of photonics, molecular electronics or catalysis. It takes advantage of three peculiarities:

  • Its pre-ICOMC character that facilitates the venue in France of Asian or Oceanian speakers,
  • The final meeting of the LIA Rennes-Durham which gathers its members in Rennes in 2018
  • The first biannual meeting of the newly created Franco-Australian LIA.

This event will be the second opportunity to bring together the members of these two LIAs, including some physicists colleagues from Rennes and aimed at exploiting any synergy between common fields. We will thus be able to cover a wide spectrum of specialties within the chemistry community, such as so-called molecular electronics and molecular photonics, and developments in synthesis and catalysis. Recent advances concerning wires, transistors and other molecular devices allowing for an electronic processing of information at the molecular scale will be covered, along with developments on photonic devices, including applications in bio-imaging and medical therapy.

This meeting will also be the occasion of celebrating the signature of a kindred agreement between the French Chemical Society (SCF) and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).

Contacts Frédéric Paul
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Véronique Guerchais
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