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LIA CHEMSUSCAT Germany, 2013-2020 Catalysis for Sustainable Chemistry

Leibniz Institut für Katalyse, University of Rostock Contact : Christophe Darcel (, Christophe.darcel[at]
Scientific coordinators
01/2013-12/2016 : C. Bruneau (...)

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LIA M3 Chile, 2018-2021 : Multifunctional Molecules and Materials

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, l’Universidad de Chile, l’Universidad de Santiago de Chile, and l’Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello
(signature in progress) Contact Jean-René Hamon (...)

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LIA MMC United-Kingdom, 2010-2014 : Multifunctional Materials and Catalysis

University of Durham
Contact : Véronique Guerchais (, veronique.guerchais[at]

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LIA MOF Chine, 2013-2016 : Functional Organophosphorus Materials

University of Zhengzhou
Contact : Muriel Hissler (, muriel.hissler[at]

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LIA NPSAH - Hyderabad

Joint Laboratory for Natural Products and Synthesis Towards Affordable Health (NPSAH) (Hyderabad)
Sustainable Chemistry at Interface AIL IICT/CSIR - CNRS/UR1
Functionalized PHA-PEG (...)

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