OMC technical platform : Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopies

Absorption spectroscopy

With these devices, the researchers of our team are able to study the absorption properties of their compounds on a wide spectral range (190-3200nm) in solution or in solid state.

Jasco V750


V750 (190-900nm, Jasco).

 In IUT Lannion.




Specord 205

 (190-1100 nm, AnalytikJena).

V770 Jasco



 (190-3200 nm, Jasco).

Fluorescence spectroscopy

We can also study the emission properties of our compounds (in solution or in solid state) through these techniques. They allow us to have access to the fluorescence quantum yield and lifetime values.

Fluorimeter Edimburgh

Fluorimeter FL 920

 (300-1700 nm, Edimburgh Instrument) with a  

 photomultiplicator (Hamamatsu R5509-73) for


Fluorimètre Horiba  

Fluorimeter FluoroMax 4 (Horiba).

 In IUT Lannion.

CPL Jasco


CPL (Circularly Polarized Luminescence) Jasco

This technique is dedicated to the study of the chirality of excited states of emissive chiral systems.

This apparel is an original set-up resulting from the collaboration between Jasco and our researchers (J. Crassous and L.Favereau).

Fore more information please contact J. Crassous and L. Favereau.