OMC platform : Chromatographic and high pressures techniques

Chromatography @ UR1

The "Chromatographic and high pressures techniques " platform has 5 gas chromatography with FID detectors and 2 gas chromatography with mass detectors. These devices, located in building 10C of the Beaulieu campus, allows us to analyse a wide scale of molecules from polar to non-polar ones.

Contact : Jerôme Ollivier, Christophe Darcel




 GC-FID GC2014 (Shimadzu).






 GC-MS QP2010 SE (Shimadzu).  


The plateau is also equiped in liquid chromatography with a SEC (Size Exclusion Chromatography).






 SEC PL GPC 50 (Agilent Technologies).

Chromatopgraphy @ENSCR

The "Chromatographic and high pressure techniques" platform possesses also devices which are located in ENSCR.

Contact : Thomas Vives.

The plateau has 6 gas chromatography with FID detectors and one gas chromatography with mass spectrometry detector.

GC-FID GC2014 (Shimadzu)



GC-FID GC2014 (Shimadzu)





GC-MS QP2010SE (Shimadzu)




GC-MS QE2010 SE (Shimadzu)

The plateau also have a HPLC-UV/Vis by Waters which is used for chiral separations.




HPLC-UV/Vis Alliance (Waters)




High pressures

The "Chromatographic and high pressure techniques" platform also possess several high pressure reactors which allow us to perform reactions at high pressure.

Contact : Jérôme Ollivier

High pressure reactors




Model 4701 (V= 22mL or 45mL, Pmax = 100bar, Tmax = 250°C, stainless steel, Parr)






It is also equipped with 5 fast opening reactors which permit the operator to introduce and/or take off samples under pressure.

High pressure reactors with multi-valve accessory




50mL fast opening reactor (Pmax = 200bar, Tmax = 200°C, stainless steel, Autoclave Maxitech)