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As our team’s acronym, MaCSE, means Condensed Matter and Electroactive systems, we are focused on the conception and synthesis of electroactive molecules, their organisation in conducting or semiconducting molecular materials, their implementation in condensed phases (crystals, liquid crystals, gels, electroactive surfaces, thin layers).
Our high-quality research is based on crystal-engineering concepts and with the help of surface functionalization methodologies (electrochemistry, biochemistry).
A wide range of chemical, crystal and surface analysis are engaged to characterised these original molecular objects with the view for different various applications : in the molecular electronics field (OFET, OLED, RRAM, molecular diodes), for energy production and storage (functionalized electrodes, biopiles, redox batteries), for detection (chemical sensors, molecular recognition) and for redox catalysis.
Our research is detailled here in 5 interconnected items :

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