Khalil Hanna nominated as one of the 2022/2023 Durham University IAS Fellows

Khalil Hanna has been selected by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Durham University to carry on his disciplinary reflection on environmental chemistry. The Institute welcomes each year around ten world-renowned scientists.

Khalil Hanna, academic researcher at the Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences, has just been appointed “IAS fellow” for the 2022/2023 academic year with the Institute of Advanced Study, one of the flagship institutes of Durham University. This institute aims to strengthen interdisciplinary research capacities and meet the challenges of a changing world. At this occasion, it brings together world-renowned scholars and practitioners from all disciplines to work with Durham colleagues on collaborative projects of major intellectual, scientific, cultural and social significance.

By hiring personalities from all over the world (some twenty Fellows per year, chosen through international competition), the IAS also fosters an exciting intellectual environment in which thinkers from various cultural and disciplinary backgrounds can exchange ideas.

This appointment has the advantage of allowing Khalil Hanna to stay at the University of Durham during the academic year 2022/2023, with technical and material means to carry out an innovative research project related to the action of humans on the environment and the tools to deal with it.

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Khalil Hanna, ENSCR, ISCR - UMR 6226, F-35708 Rennes, France
Khalil [dot] hannaatensc-rennes [dot] fr


Published July 26, 2022