Jeoffrey Tourneur

PhD Student



Email : jeoffrey [dot] tourneur [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Office number : Beaulieu Building 10C Room 253


After a preparatory class for engineering schools in Paris, I followed the magister of physical-chemistry at ENS Paris-Saclay and Orsay University, a three years programm covering all fields of chemistry. I picked a specialization in inorganic Chemistry, more specifically in electrochemistry and analysis methods. I've been head of the class of this master, and my internship of 6 monthes in the ISCR with Dr. Bruno Fabre about Photoelectrocatalysis was rewarded by a Prize from French Chemical Society. Before starting a Phd, I decided to deepen and to link my basis knowledges so I took a hard teaching exam in ENS Paris-Saclay, called "agregation". I passed the writing exam, but I didn't succeed the second step, the oral part.

I'm fond of sailing and like navigation..


I am now Phd student, and my topic research is about hydrogen production with 3D-Printed electrodes under the supervision of Dr. Bruno Fabre, in collaboration with the company H2X Ecosystems, reprensented by Loic Perrin. The subject aims to optimize both materials and design of them from little scale to industrial scale polyvalent electrodes. 


I also teach chemistry for students in first year of Licence of Biology, during tutorials and practical works.