Hadi Hachem


Email : hadi [dot] hachem [at] ensc-rennes [dot] fr

Office number : ENSCR, CORINT


  • 2020—present: Postdoc with Dr. Yann TROLEZ, ENSCR 
  • 2016—2019: Ph.D with Dr. Marc FOURMIGUE and Prof. Dominique LORCY team MaCSE, ISCR
  • 2015—2016: Master 2 in synthesis, materials and green chemistry with honors, Univ. Rennes 1
  • 2014—2015: Master 1 in Physical chemistry with honors, Lebanese University
  • 2012—2014: Bachelor degree in chemistry, Lebanese University 


  1. Hydrogen bonding interactions in single-component molecular conductors based on metal (Ni, Au) bis(dithiolene) complexes.
    Hachem, H., Bellec, N., Fourmigue, M., Lorcy, D. 2020 Dalton Transactions, DOI: 10.1039/D0DT00960A
  2. Neutral, closed-shell nickel bis(2-alkylthio-thiazole-4,5-dithiolate) complexes as single-component molecular conductors
    Hachem, H., Xu, Z., Bellec, N., Jeannin, O., Auban-Senzier, P., Guizouarn, T., Lorcy, D. 2018Dalton Transactions47(18), 6580-6589.
  3. How the Anchoring Site on Two Extended Tetrathiafulvalenes Impacts the Electronic Communication through a Bis(acetylide)ruthenium Linker
    Hachem, H., Vacher, A., Dorcet, V., Lorcy, D. 2017Organometallics36(11), 2208-2217.