From fossil chemistry to green chemistry : 3.0 mobility

45 minutes to simply understand modern issues about mobility
From fossil chemistry to green chemistry : 3.0 mobility

Energy storage, chemistry, mobilities, and climate crisis are important issues which are too often treated separately.

  • Why energy storage is a chemical question ?

  • How does this chemical storage permit a polluting not green mobility and a green sustainable mobility ?

Jeoffrey Tourneur, PhD student in MaCSE team of ISCR, in collaboration with H2X Ecosystems company, will lead us in a trip in history from the physical traction (vehicle 1.0), passing by the oil era (vehicle 2.0) to electric vehicle (3.0). During this trip, we will speak about an essential topic, that is mobility, through the prism of chemical energy storage processes and their climatic impact.

Some conferences are already scheduled on this subject :

  • October 10, 2020 (11:00) - "Fête de la Science" -  Médiathèque Pacé - Free entrance but registration is mandatory because of the pandemic (Tel : 02 99 85 51 10 /contactatmediatheque-pace [dot] fr)
  • December 2, 2020 (20:00) - University of Rennes 1 - Cultural service - Diapason

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Published 2020/09/22