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A new way to assess the fatty acid composition of fish

In collaboration with the SYSAAF, the company Aqualande and the INRAE, scientists - CNRS/University of Rennes 1 - from the ScanMAT Support and Research Unit, the Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences and the Rennes Institute of Physics propose an alternative method using Raman micro-spectroscopy to assess the fatty acid composition of adipose tissue in fish. Less expensive, non-destructive and faster than the current reference analyses, it enabled them to reliably measure the omega-3s present in the tissues of rainbow trout. This method could be used for the genetic selection of farmed fish by predicting their fatty acid composition beneficial for health ...


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  • Virginie Nazabal, Univ Rennes, ISCR-CNRS UMR 6226, F-35000 Rennes, France
    virginie [dot] nazabalatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr


Published June 22, 2022