Duo WEI (OMC team) laureate of the 2019 Gineste Prize

Duo Wei is awarded the Gineste Prize in recognition of his PhD work carried out at ISCR
Duo WEI (OMC team) laureate of the 2019 Gineste Prize

Duo Wei was awarded by the 2019 Gineste Prize. He did his PhD research in the area of iron, manganese and rhenium-catalyzed (de)hydrogenation and hydroelementation reactions under the joint supervision of Jean-Baptiste Sortais (currently full professor in the Université de Toulouse 3) and Christophe Darcel (“Organometallics: Matérials and Catalysis”, team “Sustainable Organometallic Chemistry” - Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences-ISCR). (defense: September, 10th, 2019)

His research project dealt with the development of transition metal complexes such as iron, manganese and rhenium used as catalysts for reduction of carbonyl and carboxylic derivatives, reductive amination, methylation of amines, hydroborylation of alkenes and alkynes, and cascade reactions involving hydrosylilation steps, etc. His results were published in 17 publications in international journals such as Chem. Rev., Org. Lett., Chem. Commun., Organometallics and ChemSusChem.

He is currently a post-doctoral researcher in Matthias Beller’s group in LIKAT Rostock, Germany.


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