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Congratulations to Guglielmo on receiving the Gaston Berthier award !

The Gaston Berthier price rewards the contribution of a remarkable PhD work in the field of theoretical chemistry.

Chem2 is accepting submissions

The benefits of this open-access journal will be dedicated to the training of young scientists.

Feature article in Nature Materials on perovskites

Claudine and her coworkers discuss the possible impact of various entropy contributions (stochastic structural fluctuations, anharmonicity and lattice softness) on the optoelectronic properties of halide perovskite materials and devices.

Boris guest editor in EurJIC

This cluster issue on molecular magnetism is dedicated to the legacy of O. Kahn.

CTI takes over J. Phys. Chem. Lett.!

In issue 14 (July 20) of J. Phys. Chem. Lett. you will find not one but two contributions from the team, including on the cover!

From metal to thermoelectric material

This joint experimental/theoretical study unravel the conversion of CuCr2S4 from metal to semiconductor with exciting thermoelectric properties by Sb doping.

First characterization of a TmII complex

The first measures of luminescence in a TmII complex are the subject of Boris and coworkers new contribution to Angew. Chem. Int. Ed..

Magnetic memory on nonmagnetic nanoparticles

Grafted silica nanoparticles have been designed to observe unprecedented memory effect of individual Dy(III) ions. To be read in open access in ACS Central Science.

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Scrutinizing the exciton in layered perovskites

22 June 2018

Scrutinizing the exciton in layered perovskites

Boubacar, Claudine, Mikaël and their coworkers combine spectroscopy and theory to unravel the origin and scaling law of the exciton in layered Ruddlesden–Popper halide perovskites in this contribution to Nature Communications.

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Molecular magnets: stronger together!

29 May 2018

Molecular magnets: stronger together!

Guglielmo, Boris and their coworkers report a Dy‐based metal–organic framework (MOF) with unprecedented magnetic properties on the cover of Chemistry - A European Journal.

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Mixed-valence organometallic wires: Fe vs. Ru

10 May 2018

Mixed-valence organometallic wires: Fe vs. Ru

Jean-François and his coworkers reassign Fe and Ru complexes within the Robin and Day classification based on new synthesizes and new characterizations.

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Meet Boris at Pint of Science!

1 May 2018

Meet Boris at Pint of Science!

Boris and Olivier Cador (OMC) will talk about magnets around few pints of beer...

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Level pinning in molecular junction

19 April 2018

Level pinning in molecular junction

Karine and her coworkers present in J. Phys. Chem. Lett. a joint experimental and theoretical study of molecular junctions exhibiting level pinning.

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To be noted

Jinkui Tang - 24/04 - 10:30

Relaxation dynamics and spin topology of lanthanide-based compounds
Jinkui Tang
State Key (...)

Journée Des Doctorants de l’ISCR - 28/06

La journée des doctorants de l’Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes permet aux doctorants (...)

Simon BUDZAK - 26/06 - 11h

From precise calculations of the excited-state properties to solvatochroism
Simon Budzak (...)

Molecular Electronics and Photonics (MEP) - 10-13/07

This symposium will bring together internationally recognized speakers in the field of photonics, molecular electronics or catalysis.

M2 Seminar - 21/06 and 22/06

Presentation of the research projects carried by our M2 students.

L3 Seminar - 08/06 - 10h30-12h and 14h30-15h30

Presentation of our L3 Chemistry students research projects