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Multiscale characterizations Expertise

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CSM has a strong knowledge and know-how in crystal chemistry through the multiscale characterizations of materials from local organization of atoms to medium and long scale arrangements. This includes characterizations of bulk compounds as well as shaped (patterned) materials and if appropriate in-operando investigations.
X-ray diffractometers and NMR devices are available within the CSM team and/or on the platforms located within Institute of Science Chimiques de Rennes and on the Campus of University of Rennes 1. CSM is involved and/or has connections with networks of large facilities instruments for deep electronic microscopies, NMR, neutrons, synchrotron and EXAFS investigations.

Liens vers:

  • X-ray total scattering
  • Pair distribution function analysis
  • Powder and single crystal diffractions (X-ray, neutron)
  • In-operando investigations
  • TEM
  • SAXS