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S2Wave platform

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S2Wave platform

Plateform dedicated to the Micro-wave Synthesis

The S2wave platform belongs to the Federative Structure of Services ScanMat in the same way as the CRMPO, SIR, Thémis and the Cmeba. It offers its technical and scientific expertis on:

- the organic synthesis of therapeutic molecules, under microwave irradiation, and their purification by preparative chromatography,

- the extraction of biomolecules derived from plant matrices by combining microwave irradiation with the use of unconventional solvents (ionic liquids ...),

- the preparation of nano particles as well as their physico-chemical characterizations (quality control),

- the formulation of surfactants and polymers.

Staff: JP Bazureau, F GAUFFRE, L Paquin


View online : S2Wave