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Research Topics

Our researches are therefore focusing on five axes:

-Natural products and molecules for Life sciences: we are more particularly interested in lichen- or sea-sourced compounds. Extraction, structural elucidation, pharmacomodulation are the basis of the theme. Metabolites, carbohydrates, lipids enzymes are more especially studied for their potential applications in anti-cancer therapies, in fighting parasitic diseases, in acting on central nervous system;

-Methodologies, molecular tools and synthesis: the study of reactivity is the heart of this axis which includes, among others, multi-component reactions, bimetallic reagents, bore chemistry, interstellar chemistry;

-Functional Molecular Materials: the materials we pay attention are those present in our daily lives: supramolecular architectures for health and cosmetics (formulation, targeting and drug delivery, structure-activity/properties relationships), as well as organic components for optics (photodynamic therapy) and optoelectronics;

-Structures & Interactions supramolecular assembling as well as a better understanding of fine chemical interactions share together similar issue related to the becoming of isolated molecules or organized systems in complex environments. Force and dynamic of interactions, molecular recognition which are studied by NMR, ITC, …;

-Eco-friendly Chemistry & Technologies: in order to expand extractive and synthetic standard approaches, investigations are performed on hybrid technologies (for instance combination of microwaves and ionic liquids) or on synthetic schemes using homemade biocatalysts.

The team has developed fruitful collaborations with numerous laboratories worldwide. We are involved in two joined international laboratories (with IICT/CSIR in India, and with Australian National University/Camberra) and developed projects with academic partners from European, American, Oceanic and African continents. We are also active in initiating and maintaining close connections with private partners in order to provide innovative answers, especially in sustainable chemistry, analysis and biotechnologies.