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Philippe URIAC

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Philippe URIAC

UR1 - Full Professor

Université de Rennes 1
Faculté des Sciences Pharmaceutiques et Biologiques
Pharmacie : Institut des sciences chimiques de Rennes - UMR 6226
2 - Av du Pr. Léon Bernard - CS 34317 - 35043 - RENNES CEDEX
Building 05-East, Office 01-034
Phone: +33 (0)

Research themes

• Medicinal chemistry: design of irreversible inhibitors of the proline racemase of trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas disease).
• Molecular recognition: study of molecular tweezers.
• Synthesis of enantiopure nitrogen heterocyclic derivatives using gold or zinc catalysis.
• Gold III complexes: obtention of vinylgold and goldocycles from acetylenic cyclic imines.

Key words / Scientific skills

• Molecular tweezers.
• Gold complexes.
• Irreversible inhibitors.
• Enantiopure heterocycles.

Education and professional experience

• State diploma of doctor of pharmacy (1975 Rennes).
• D. Sc. in Chemistry (1982 Rennes).
• Senior lecturer since 1994 (medicinal chemistry).
• DEA (1977, Rennes).

Teaching activities

• Medicinal chemistry.
• Organic chemistry.

Membership in professional organizations

• Association française des enseignants en chimie thérapeutique.


• Institut Pasteur (Paris).
• Chimiothèque nationale.

Scientific Production

Reactivity of N-Boc protected Amino-ynones in the presence of Zinc Chloride: Formation of Acetylenic Cyclic Imines and their Palladium complexes.
Huy-Dinh Vu; Jacques Renault; ThierryRoisnel; Clémence Robert ;Philippe Jéhan ; P. Nicolas Gouault ; Philippe Uriac.
European Journal of organic chemistry 2015, 22, 4868-4875.

Dissymetric Molecular Tweezers in Host-Guest Complexes : Internal or external Complexation ?
Titouan Jaunet-Lahary; Denis Jacquemin; Béatrice Legouin; Jean-Yves Le Questel; Jean-François Cupif; Loïc Toupet; Philippe Uriac; Jerôme Graton
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2015, 119 , 3771-3779.

Methanesulfonic Acid Mediated Cyclisation and Meyer-Schuster Rearrangement of -Amino-ynones. Acces to EnantiopurePyrrolidine Exocyclic Vinylogous Amides.
Huy-Dinh Vu; Jacques Renault; Thierry Roisnel; Nicolas Gouault ; Philippe Uriac.European Journal of organic chemistry 2014; 4506-4514.

From aspartic acid to dihydropyridone-2-carboxylates : access to enantiopure 6-substituted 4-oxo- and 4-hydroxypipecolic acid derivatives.
Huy-Dinh Vu; Jacques Renault; Loïc Toupet; Philippe Uriac; Nicolas Gouault.
European Journal of organic chemistry 2013; 6677-6686.

Combined approaches for drug design points the way to novel proline racemase inhibitor candidates to fight Chagas’ disease.
Armand Berneman; Arnaud Blondel; Nathalie Chamond; Alain Cosson; Simon d’Archivio; Nicolas Gouault; Sophie Goyard; Lory Montout; Philippe Uriac; Paola Minoprio.
PloS one 2013; 8(4):e60955.

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