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Mechanical Properties

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Use the system for the dynamic mechanical analysis of solutions, melts, solid bars, films, foils or reactive resins.

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Electropulse E3000 Instron

Machine de traction Instron Electropulse E3000N tensile tests temperature chamber (-100°C to 300 °C) fatigue analysis

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In-Situ Tensile Test

We have an in-situ tensile machine under Optical microscope or AFM.
The load maximum is 5000 N

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Nano-indentation to determine Young’s Modulus and Hardness of materials
Indenter: Berkovich, Spherical (10 to 200 microns)

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Scratch Tester

Scratch testers from CSM Instruments can be used to characterize film-substrate systems and to quantify parameters such as adhesive strength and friction force and using a variety of (...)

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The Pin-on-Disk Tribometer is a table-top instrument, which is compact and can be installed on any stable table. With its combined computer control and TriboX software, it represents an (...)

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