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M2 subjects in 2018

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The ENSCR, in partnership with the Universities of Poitiers, Limoges and Rennes 1, is authorized to award the Master Research « Qualité et Traitement des Eaux » (Water Quality and Water Treatment). Since 1982 this nationaly and internationaly recognized formation trains about 40 students in all the domains of water.
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M2 subjects in 2017 :

  • Removal of pharmaceutical compounds by adsorption in fixed bed column during water treatment.
  • Molecular Imprinted Polymers to remove pesticides in water.
  • Metallic nanoparticles supported on glassy foams for the oxidation of refractory organic compounds by catalytic ozonation
  • Study of the mecanisms of biological degradation of a VOC cocktail
  • Numerical modeling of a process coupling absorption and biodegradation for VOC removal
  • H2S removal by filtration on cellular concrete and expanded schist