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Pilot units

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The Chemistry and Process Engineering Team is equipped with a number of pilot-scale units including absorption, adsorption, biological processes, oxidization and membrane processes.

Absorption processes (with or without chemical reaction)

  • One pilot-scale packed bed column for gas scrubbing (gas flowrate 10 m3/h)
  • One pilot-scale gas scrubber with compact contactors (gas flowrate 50 m3/h)
  • One pilot-scale spraying gas scrubber (gas flowrate 25 m3/h)
  • One gas-liquid diphasic stirred tank for reaction kinetics studies (notably in the case of ozonation process) (gas flowrate 1.5 m3/h)

Adsorption processes

  • Lab-scale equipment for kinetic, isotherm and competition studies in both gas and liquid phases
  • Gas phase activated carbon fibre cloths pilot-scale unit with controlled temperature for thermal regeneration (gas flowrate 10-30 m3/ h)
  • Liquid phase adsorption/electrodesorption pilot scale unit using activated carbon fibre cloths with on-line pollutant spiking and automated sampling.
  • Granular activated carbon fix-bed columns with multiple sampling points.
  • Equipment for synthetic gas generation by COV volatilization in gaseous matrix (air, biogas)


  • Two lab-scale fermentors
  • One membrane bioreactor

Oxidization processes

  • One chlorination tank (liquid flowrate 5 to 15 m3/h)
  • One ozonation reactor with temperature regulator
  • Two pilot-scale bubbles columns for ozonation studies
  • Two tubular pilot-scale units for photocatalytic gas treatment (gas flowrate 3 m3/h)
  • One pilot-scale unit for photocatalytic gas treatment with temperature and humidity regulator (gas flowrate 3000 m3/h)
  • One pilot-scale unit for coupling plasma with photocatalysis (gas flowrate 20 m3/h)
  • Two pilot-scale units for photocatalytic treatment of liquid (liquid flowrate 0.1 m3/h)
  • One air based Trailgaz ozone generator (24 g/h) and a continuous ozone analyzer (Trailgaz)
  • One pilot-scale unit for gas phase low pressure drop measurment (pressure drop 0 to 100 mbar, (gas flowrate 15 m3/h)

Membrane processes

  • One pilot-scale microfiltration unit
  • Four pilot-scale ultrafiltration units (4 L to 150 L)
  • Two pilot-scale aquous nanofiltration units (6 L to 50 L)
  • One reverse osmosis pilot scale unit (50 L)
  • Two organic solvent nanofiltration loops
  • One pilot-scale membrane distillation unit (20 L)
  • One automatic casting machine for flat-sheet membrane synthesis/film application