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2nd International Workshop on “PHYSICS OF MEMBRANE PROCESSES”

Magnetite and green rust: synthesis, properties and environmental applications of mixed-valent iron minerals

Internship position at CIP

Modelling of micropollutant removal in fixed bed granular activated carbon during water treatment

M2 subjects in 2018

Master “Qualité et Traitement de l’Eau” (QUATRO) in the Chemistry and Process Engineering Team in 2017

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22 March 2018

Hiba AL JAWAD PhD defense

Hiba AL JAWAD will defend his PhD on March 30
(10:00 – Beaulieu – Bât 1A – Salle des thèses)

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12 March 2018

Optical remote sensing for air pollutant

Mark J. Rood, Profossor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois at Urban Champaign will give a lecture on the “Optical remote sensing for air polluant”.
March (...)

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3 March 2018

Training course: electrokinetics methods for the determination of surface charge material properties

A 2-days training course (in French) on electrokinetics method for material surface charge characterization will be organized by the CIP team (Anthony Szymczyk and Patrick Loulergue, together (...)

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11 January 2018

CIP co-organize a joint ISCR-IPR dedicated to simulation

CIP team is co-organizing a 1-day joint seminar between ISCR and IPR (Institut de Physique de Rennes) that will take place on January 16 th (PNRB, room TD3, Beaulieu)
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contacts: (...)

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8 November 2017

Antoine LEJEUNE PhD defense

Antoine LEJEUNE will defend his PhD on November 21
(10:00 – Beaulieu – Bât 1A – Salle des thèses)

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