• Gérard Simonneaux, CNRS Research director, retired in 2021.
  • Bertrand Carboni, CNRS Research director, retired in 2020.
  • Pierre Van De Weghe, Professor.
  • Floris Chevallier, Associate professor, moved to ENS Lyon, in 2019.


  • BALAJ Gentiana, PhD (2019-2022) supervised by Sophie Tomasi, Marie-Laurence Abasq, Zohreh Shacoori (NuMecan) and D. Nebija, Prishtina University (Kosovo).
  • MIRAL Alice, PhD (2019-2022) supervised by Sophie Tomasi and Sylvain Tranchimand.
  • BROSSARD Clarisse, PhD (2019-2022) supervised by Sandrine Cammas-Marion and Nicolas Lepareur, CLCC Eugène Marquis.
  • GUITTENY Camille, CDD (2022).
  • BEN HASSINE Sarra, PhD (2019-2022) supervised by Christine Paul-Roth and Bassem Jamoussi, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah (Saoudi Arabia).
  • LUDWIG Andréas, PhD (2018-2021) supervised by Fabienne Berrée and Loïc Lemiègre.
  • NICOLAS Pauline, CDD (2021).
  • SOULIEMAN Ali, PhD (2017-2021) supervised by Joël Boustie and Ali Hachem, Université Libanaise.
  • DOURDAN Juliette, CDD (2021).
  • Lou Anna Voli, PhD (2017-2020) supervised by Jean-Pierre Bazureau and Janat Mamyrbékova, Université de Nangui-Abrogoua d'Abidjan, LCBSN, Côte d'Ivoire.
    Postdoctoral stay at ISCR (2020-2021).
  • SUN Zhipeng, PhD (2017-2021) supervised by Christine Paul-Roth.
    Lecturer, Harbin Engineering University (China)
  • BRAIRE Julien, PhD (2017-2021) supervised by Joëlle Vidal, Claudia Lalli and François Carreaux. LinkedIn page
  • GUILLORY Xavier, contracted lecturer (2019-2020).
  • GOUBAULT Clément, PhD (2017-2020) supervised by Soizic Chevance and Fabienne Gauffre. LinkedIn page
  • PERCEVAULT Lucie, PhD (2017-2020) supervised by Ludovic Paquin.
  • EL HARRAS Abderrafek, PhD (2017-2020) supervised by Arnaud Bondon and Laurent Legentil.
  • NGO NDIMBA Alphonsine, PhD (2016-2020). Cotutelle between Université de Rennes1 and ANU (Canberra,/Australia), supervised by Frédéric Paul and M. G. Humphrey.
    Postdoctoral stay at IRCOF, COBRA labs (2021-), Advisor: Dr J. Brioche; "Synthesis of fluorinated molecules"
  • BUI Anh Thy, postdoctoral researcher (02/2019-11/2020) with Yann Trolez.   ORCID0000-0002-3718-7652     Twitter: @ATBchem
  • SHI Limiao, PhD (2016-2019) supervised by Christine Paul-Roth.
    Postdoctoral stay at the LCC, ECOIH team (2020-), Advisor: Prof. A. Baceiredo;"Chemistry of silicon-based polymers"
  • ABID Seifallah, PhD (2014-2018) INSA Rennes and University of Carthage, supervised by Christine Paul-Roth and Bassem Jamoussi.
    Postdoctoral stay at CEMES, GNS Group (2019-2020), Advisor: Dr G. Rapenne; "Elaboration of molecular motors containing porphyrin units".
    2nd Postdoctoral stay (2021-) in the Stoddard group (Resp. F. Stoddart), Northwestern University, USA.
  • ZHANG Xu, PhD (2013-2017) supervised by Christine Paul-Roth.
    Lecturer (2018-) at Chifeng University, Inner Mongolia (China).
  • SCIORTINO Flavien, PhD (2014-2017), supervised by Soizic CHEVANCE et Fabienne GAUFFRE. LinkedIn page - Google Scholar
    JSPS Fellow (2018-2020), National Institute of Material Science (NIMS) – Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) – Tsukuba (Japan), supervised by Pr. K. ARIGA.
    CNRS Postdoctoral Researcher (2021-present), Molecular Chemistry Department UMR CNRS 5250 – Grenoble Alpes University – Grenoble (France), supervised by Dr. G. DUBACHEVA & Dr. D. BOTURYN.